Rules, Regulations & FAQ

Q: Will this event sell out?
A: It is quite possible this event will sell out. The “comfortable” capacity for this event is 5,000 people. Once 5,000 tickets are sold, no additional tickets will be sold online or at the door.

Q: Can I bring my RV/Trailer?
A: Yes, however there will be an additional fee associated with this. RV pricing will be available closer to the event. Please Contact Us for immediate pricing. Space is limited for RV/Trailers. Please book ahead of time.

Q: Can accommodations be rented at the facility?
A: Yes, Hide-A-Way Lakes has trailers available to rent for the weekend. Please Contact Us to arrange this. Trailer rentals are limited.

Q: I Can’t Go Anymore! What Do I Do?
A: Tickets are non-refundable. You can resell your ticket to another. Once you have a buyer for the ticket please Contact Us to have the name switched. Remember, your karma level will greatly increase if you sell it at face value.

Q: Will there be medical staff?
A: Yes, there will be a Medic tent before the Hell area. Security will also have a base there. Additionally, any staff members with a radio can have medical staff come to other areas if necessary.

Q: Will there be security?
A: Yes, there will be full staff security as well as venue provided security. Security staff will have radios and can be reached by other staff. Additionally, a phone number will be established before the event where you can call or text for issues and concerns. Security can be reached at the front gate, the gate to primitive camping, medic tent and check in.

Q: AHHH! Camping sounds scary! Can I come and go as I please?
A: Yes, you will be able to enter and leave as desired. There will be check points to check your event credentials when entering the event. Hotels, Fast Food, Restaurants and Grocery Stores are just a short drive away. If you are intending to leave nightly please advise staff during check-in so you can be directed to the appropriate parking.

Q: Is alcohol allowed?
A: Alcohol is allowed at the event. Proper ID is required at all times. Any underage drinking or illegal activities will result in your admission being revoked without refund and Kendall County Sheriff will be involved. NO GLASS BOTTLES ARE ALLOWED!

Q: Food, Fire Pits and Grilling, Oh My!
A: Fire Pits and Grilling are allowed as long as venue safety standards are met. There will be fresh food vendors available on site.

Q: What do I do if something happens during the event?
A: Contact security, medical tent or staff! We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items during the event. You are responsible for your own personal property. You are also responsible for all damage you do to the campground.

Q: Prohibited Items? It is contraband?
A: No glass bottles. No illegal substances, prescribed medications must be in original bottle with original, intact labels that are in your legal name. No weapons. No unauthorized vending or solicitation. Fireworks and explosives are strictly prohibited. If it’s not legal outside of the event, it’s not legal during the event.

Q: What if it rains? Will the event be cancelled?
A: The event takes place rain or shine. The bathrooms are covered and there will be tents around the venue where you can attempt to stay dry.

Q: Will there be vendors?
A: Yes, there will be vendors! Vendors with all the wares you’d ever need!

Q: What will get me kicked out of the event and the park?
A: Littering. Excessive Intoxication. Physical Altercations. Harassment. Inappropriate Touching (Consent is never automatic). Destruction of event or venue property. Fireworks and Explosives.

Q: Do I have to pay for my kids?
A: We are working on establishing a child event rate. Once a child rate is established we will announce it.

Q: I’m overwhelmed! Is there a place for me to go and calm down?
A: Yes, There will be safe places for you to go. Please find the closest staff, security, medical tent, security check point, etc. We will take care of you.