Mythica Von Griffyn
Artist, Body Painter
Mythica is known for her appearance on Season 1 of the TV show “Skin Wars” which aired on GSN. Mythica is no stranger to cosplay and everything nerdy. She has been a guest at numerous comic conventions and is known for her full body painting of her favorite superhero characters. Mythica is also an author, motivational speaker, chalk artist, poet and much much more. Mythica will be found around the event and will call the I Love FX Makeup booth home for the weekend. Stop by and get an autograph or possibly receive some Reiki healing via her bodypainting.


Brent “Blaze” Skowronek

I am a jack of many trades.  From making my own costumes and being a raver/club kid. To shapeshifting any person into a creature of the night.


Bran Roberts
Print service, composting, video, traditional, digital art multimedia and design

I do a little bit of everything from visual fx… design to video to animation to traditional/digital artwork and all in between. Not a lot I can not do…making the impossible just a word.


Joshua Nunez

Ive been dancing all my life. Be ready to have fun with me and dance the night away. I’m full of energy; you gonna wanna be where I am.

Morgin Riley

Traveling photographer, passionate about capturing mood and memories, bliss and stories in each photo. I do tons of surreal editing and lifestyle work


Raquel Gomez

Cosplayer (Limitless Disguise Cosplay)
Stop by and say hello to Limitless! With 5+ years of professional level cosplaying and 4 awards (and counting) under her belt, Limitless loves all things cosplay related. She is well known for her attention to detail and dedication to her craft. When not busy with work and perfecting her next outfit, she loves gaming and spending time with her adorkable canine, Kiba! With her acting and guest experience she adds a her own very special touch to event! Be sure to stop by for selfie and autographed  print!


Elizabeth Jewel Barnes
Cosplayer (Zezzie Cosplay)

I’m a local cosplayer that is working to spread a special word that anyone can cosplay! And to end cosplay bullying I love to cosplay it’s a huge part of my life.


Angela Williams “Millie”

I am a haunter with 11 years of experience. I am currently working for Midnight Terror Haunted House in Oak Lawn, IL.


“Jezzibel Bates”

I am an insured neo-sideshow performer specializing in fire performing (fire breathing, eating and dancing), sideshow antics like human blockhead, human pin cushion, bed of nails, stilt walking, snake charming and more!


Omega Man

I started cosplaying about 4 years ago. My first creation was a big project; Fulgore from the video game series Killer Instinct. Head to toe robot mostly made of foam. I also have made 2 arkham knight inspired scarecrow props that i sold on etsy. I am currently enrolled in the Dick Smith advanced Special effects makeup course, have taken a class at Kosar Atelier and will be taking more classes there ASAP. I aspire to work in a studio to make props or costumes for tv and/or movies. My artistic inspirations are rooted in fantasy, sci-fi, monsters/creatures, anime, and comic books.


Ari+Wolf Cosplay

I started cosplaying back in 2012, but did not attend my first convention until 2014 and have attended various conventions since. The convention scene is where I’ve meet many of my closest and dearest friends, and not a day goes by that I am not thankful for meeting all of them I mostly work with cloth and clothing costumes but have done a little work with foam and various other outlets.My husband helps me build my weapon props from scratch and I have done other smaller props myself.


Kuusagi Cosplay

Based in the Chicagoland area, Kuusagi Cosplay is a local cosplayer and model who loves what she does; whether it’s piecing together a cosplay from clothing pieces or making a full cosplay completely from scratch. She loves to attend conventions and cosplay gatherings and invest herself within the cosplay community to make a positive experience for everyone while sporting a costume herself.


Justin Martin Fill

I’m an Actor, Fight Director, Yoga Instructor and Fantasy enthusiast! I live, teach, and train in Chicago, IL.



Hello, I am Jay, also known as Madame Sno! From the bottom of my heart I am lover of the arts, and a super nerd! I use characters to spread the joy of art throughout the land! I worked in Haunted House for 5 years acting, helping with make-up and helping their social media pages! After Haunting I transitioned to doing Cosplay and now run a few panels at Anime Central whenever I get the chance.



Startup cosplayer, raver , proud kandikid, and fire preformer . Saki is a wonderful artist both on and off canvas . Current con-goer of ACEN, Midwest FURfest, and many more. Previous cosplays include: Raver Harley Quinn.,Punk Harley Quinn,Punk Pikachu,Punk princess,Punk Totaro ,Galaxy God, Kawaii Little, Day of the Dead punk, Misa Misa And many more

Jonathon ‘Screach’

I’ve been haunting for 7 years now. I was a stage manager for Midnight terror haunted and an acting manager. I have a lot of experience in acting. I’m very good at adapting to different scenarios or even different type of scenery.


Mike Maloney

My name is Mike Maloney and i’d love to work as a haunter at you event as well as any other CFC events. Ive worked in the haunt industry for close to 10 years. While doing so, Ive taken up special effects makeup (which I would also like to provide my service for).
Ive worked at dark summit, haunted hollow, and midnight terror.



I’m 21 male and live about an hour from the Venue. Cosplay wise I’m pretty good with armor and making stuff pretty fast. If you guys need anything done specific consider it done. I’d love to have the opportunity to work for you and gain even more knowledge and experience.


Akachan Dango

A local nerd who enjoys making cosplays and steampunk fashion. From making ballgowns and fluffy petticoats to goggles and glowing galaxies, my love of sewing and crafting is matched only by my love of anime and pop culture.


Gerard Sabb

As a part time cos player, and full time weirdo I have experience working in a haunt, and creating different costumes and accessories. My preference and specialties lean towards darker warrior looks but aren’t limited to that. Past looks I’ve created include woodland satyrs, demonic satyrs, post apocalyptic mad max, a custom xerxes-predator and evil clowns. I love fantasy everything, but have a special fondness for creatures/villains (they’re so misunderstood right?!). I hope everyone who attends one of my workshops finds my excitement for sharing crafting knowledge contagious! And as always, stay brutal my friends. \m/

Mistress Nadia is a skilled and beautiful Mistress with 4 years of experience. She has hosted BDSM events around Chicago such as Bondage a Go Go. She is also a semi professional wrestler and boxer, artist, and engineering student. She has a strong hand, yet is approachable and non judgemental. Feel free to stop by for a BDSM session or to pick her brain as a kink professional.


Jeremy Kelly Nelson
Assistant Director to Cosplayers

Terror Specialist

He spreads terror at Dream Reapers Haunted House for over 10 years before it’s closure.   a true monster, disappearing and reappearing from the shadows with blinding light and a horrifying scream.”   
Felipe Villa
Spook Master

Started working zombie army productions at Statesville in 2012 through 2015 worked at hellsgate haunted house 2016

Actress & Fire SpinnerThis ghoul will make you laugh or scream, farie of light and dark will be spinning fire as well.Facebook
Dawanna Conner
ActressI am an actress here in Chicago, IL and have some great experience. I am an open minded person and love trying new things. I am a positive person and professional.
Yami Enzeru

29 year old cosplayer living in Chicago IL. I’ve been dressing up in costumes since I was little, and it’s always been a good escape from reality for a bit when life really gets me down sometimes. I’ve been going to cons since 2015, and my favorite characters to cosplay are Juuzou from Tokyo Ghoul, and Rin Kagamine from Vocaloids.


*image credit: Henri Cartier-Bresson