Rules, Regulations & FAQ’s added

Please check out our Rules, Regulations and FAQs page. If you have any additional questions please Contact Us and let us know!

12 thoughts on “Rules, Regulations & FAQ’s added”

  1. I have a few questions.
    1. Are we allowed to bring in outside alcohol?
    2. Is there a lineup for the music that will be played?
    3. If I got a vendoring pass, would I still be able to camp in the 18+ area?

    1. Hello,

      Outside alcohol is allowed as long ss you are of legal age.
      Music line up is being worked on m each area has a different theme.
      Vending grants you access to camp where ever you like. In the vendor area or elsewhere.

  2. Where is the location exactly?
    Is this a start-up event or has there been previous ones?
    Is this a newbie-friendly larping event?

    1. Hello Katie,

      We are located at Hide-A-Way Lakes in Yorkville, IL.
      This is our first attempt at this specific event however the organizers have been in the festival business for years.
      This event is for everyone. All levels of experience are welcomes.

  3. My daughter would love to do this for her birthday! She’d be 9 ansd I have a 5 year old. Can they participate or are their age restrictions?

    1. Hello,

      Yes, they can participate. However, the Hell area is 18+ and we would recommend heading back to KidsVille before sun down. There is event special kids pricing.

  4. Can you please put me on a mailing list as to keep us abreast of the dates for next year as we are unable to come this year. This sounds awesome and really want to go as a family, daughter is 16 so 17 next year. Depending on when it is we would love to come and volunteer next time. Thanks!

  5. Hello!

    I am super excited for this event! I registered in early June. My question is how do we get into the event? Will we be mailed badges/wrist bands? Or will we have to show a receipt/confirmation email at the gate?

    Thank you!

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