Purgatory Stage

Tentative Lineup for the Purgatory Stage

Synesthesia Productions w/ Hu Go Lo
Multifaceted Production Company/Label Chicago, IL/ Oakland, CA.

Vibing from Chicago,IL, Hu Go Lo is emerging from the hotbed of the entertainment world and expanding rapidly as he has been performing on the West Coast. This multi-faceted diverse DJ has transferred energies into the young and old alike in seemingly hypnotizing mixes that keep everyone grooving all night long. Raised in a family of musicians and DJs, Hu Go Lo has been submerged into synesthetic vibes of sound since birth. With his unique setup, cutting edge technique, and beautiful deep track selection, Hu Go Lo takes his audience on magical journeys of vibe and sound that seem to make time stop and let you lose yourself in the energies that he transfers upon you. It is also not uncommon to find Hu Go Lo spinning a dragon staff, sampling, and drumming during his sets. Hu Go Lo spins fire poi, dragon staff, and loses his mind on didgeridoos and handdrums on occasion. In the last several years he has grown to become a resident at Chicago’s Peace Fest, Jawandai, Official Chicago Afters, and Sun Palace Production events. While a lot of DJs stick to one or two genres, Hu Go Lo likes to take his listeners on a journey through energy and sound with varying genres that will have you seeing sound and hearing colors while travelling on an adventure that you will want to be a part of.

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Dubstep Dj and producer from DeKalb, IL

KynetyK is a rhythmic dubstep machine, preparing to drop some heavy bass.


Ambush Vin

Ambush Vin is an exciting lyricist specializing in Sci-Fi Music, captivating music listeners who crave a different sound with his unique style of hip-hop! He is the world’s first and ONLY Sci-Fi Hip-Hop artist! His motto, “1/2 Street but ALL Geek”




Jonathon Z

Jonathon Z doing a sunday morning comedy sketch







Glitter Magik (Intergalactic Art Movement,/Red Invasion Records)

The self proclaimed King of Glamour has been tearing it up in the midwest for the better half of a decade. He has performed at major events like Shuto Con, Camp Out With Your Amp Out II, Ginger Fest, Glitter Fest, Neon Tuesday, Black Mass Sunday, Wednesday Night Rage, and St. Patrick’s Day Rage to list a few. He is proudly affiliated with Dropp Topp Worldwide and Synctium. His on stage antics have brought him to the attention of the midwest electronic scene. He is known all over the country for his popular house remixes that are played on various radio stations. His international fan base spreads as each day passes. With several international djs playing Glitter Magik original tracks throughout Europe, his sound is heard throught the land. Glitter Magik’s versatility is proven through his persistent attack of damn near every genre in electronic music, such as House, Techno, Minimal, Electro, and Dubstep while still creating outside of electronica through hip hop, jazz, blues and the most surprising, opera. With a style that is changing how the world perceives electronic music, he cannot be compared to any artist alive.


Johnny Moody (AKA Aramis) is a Hip Hop recording artist out of Grand Rapids, MI. Aramis began getting into music at a young age, but had no idea he would eventually become an artist himself until reaching middle school.  It was there, where he started listening to a lot of underground rock and hip hop. What started off as a simple hobby, ended up turning into a deep passion that he could not let go of. Growing up listening to artists like Coolio, Busta Rhymes, Dj Quik, TLC, and a slew of others, Aramis began to subconsciously start creating his own rhymes. After coming across a particular internet forum where he saw other up and coming artists posting their recordings, he decided to do the same. Using a cheap PC mic and recording software, he began recording his own songs and posting them online. It would be several years down the line before he would perform his first show. During this period of his life he met a young Florida-based rapper named David Campbell (AKA STRAT). Though never meeting physically, the two considered each other to be good friends, and ended up collaborating on quite a few tracks. Aramis Looked up to STRAT not only because of his talent as an artist, but because he was genuinely good person. STRAT ended up taking his own life in mid 2008. Even though this deeply saddened Aramis, he vowed to push his music career as far he he could for himself, and to also honor his late friend. Aramis would then go on to compete in various rap battles and tournaments during which time he honed his skills and increased his knowledge of sound engineering and production. Aramis dropped his first solo project, The Black Adam Mixtape, in June 2013; he has been making his mark in both Underground and Nerdcore Hip Hop music scenes ever since. Aramis’ latest project, Virtuoso was released on 4/25/2017. He is currently working on next project, which is scheduled to be completed and released at the end of this year.