Heaven Stage

Tentative Lineup for the Hell Stage               


Blake Las AKA DJ Tek 9

Tek 9 has performed nearly 200 events across the United States including California, Utah, Nevada, Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, and Illinois. During his travels Blake has spun with some of the world’s best DJs and producers including DUB FX, GREEN VELVET, APHRODITE, FRANKIE BONES, WHISKEY PETE, Mochipet, David Christophere, & tonz more!

Tek’s inspirations include the many dj heros from Chicago including Robert Armani, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Rush, and more. Now, Blake rocks live shows all over the Midwest as Psy_ience Projekt with Thomas Kelly and has tagged live with EDM greats Forest Green and 3OYCE AKA GROOVE CHAMPION.

From the hard techno he once spun to electro trance, Blake has pushed the boundaries further in Chicago, playing music that makes him unique to the Midwestern EDM scene. Spanning more than a decade since Tek 9 received his first 12′ record he continues to spin cutting edge TRANCE on both CD & vinyl. Often mixing tunes by producers like Neelix, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Bass Nectar, and Armin Van Buuren. Don’t miss the best electro/trance Chicago is serving up! “All nite all right!”









Evolutionize has been a part of the hardcore scene for over 15 years now. Listening to old bonkers albums, he immediately fell in love and couldn’t help but make hardcore more then a music he enjoys listening to. A product of 2000s hardcore, he seeks to push this sound in both his production and while DJing, also while venturing into the darker side of hardcore with Freeform. With tracks signed to many labels (Justice Hardcore, Relentless Digital, Rebuild Music just to name a few) His one goal is to see people enjoy the music he loves and make them get up on the floor!




My music is influenced by 8bit, chip tunes, euphoric hard style, happy hardcore, U.K. Hardcore, and me doing just what ever I want. I also love organic noises which I record on the go. I hope you like it, I try to make it the happiest music I can imagine.






DJ Penguin

I’m a Kandi kid living outside of Denver, Colorado. Get excited for the happiest in hardcore dance.







DJ Redscare

Sean (DJ Redscare) came up in Texas, the Netherlands, and northern California in the late 80s and early-mid 90s.  He is a psychedelic trance curator and a facilitator of ecstatic dance experience. A daytime English professor and translator as well as a psy beatpriest, the earnestness of his passion for the continued propagation and development of psychedelic trance music and culture is evident wherever he plays.  Associated with a number of trance crews in Texas and Iowa, he is a founding member of Deepdharma Technologies, a psytrance collective based in Iowa City, Iowa.  Musically he tends to inhabit territory between Goa trance, forest psy, and darkpsy, but considers the harder, more textured edge of newschool Goa to be his ‘home’ sound. Mixing different subgenres of psychedelic trance together following an inner will, a spark of curiosity, that yearns to hear them together, Redscare feels best understood as an eclectic, commingling old and new Goa’s more complex and intense terrain with newer developments in forest and darkpsy.  He is very grateful this weekend for the opportunity to lead you in the sacred dance of creation, destruction, and eternal flux, a dance in which moments of great personal empowerment and beauty find us somehow mysteriously embodying the very forces that govern the vast cosmos all around us.  Each of us is Brahma and Vishnu and Shiva in every passing moment on the sacred dancefloor! May you find healing in our dance.


Snarf.  TN Edm, ToyMaker
Happy hardcore,freeform hardcore, nu-rave / rave breaks, gabber / dutch hardcore / frenchcore, miami booty bass, house
Seth SnarfGrowing up in south florida, the snarf. was accustomed to hearing commercial dance music on the radio since the late 80’s… with the sounds of the beastie boys, run dmc, and 2 live crew pulsing through through the radio waves, his heart beat began with the break… flash forward to freshman year in high school he was introduced to the world of the underground by a fellow classmate… this obsession began with the prodigy’s freshman album ‘experience’ and from then on the love and addiction was born…